Tuesday, September 5, 2006

NYC: 9/5/06

We had a great time in NYC, we felt like celebrities! We stayed at the Tribeca Grand, they pampered us with a doggie room service menu, doggie bed, and lots of treats and chewies. When we went out to eat or shop with mommy and daddy, lots of people stopped to talk to us and take pictures of us!

When we arrived, it was dark and rainy outside.

But the next day was beautiful!

Waiting for the elevator...yay, we're going outside!

We walked a lot, it was fun!

Ella's lounging on the bed, but I'm not tired..I want to go outside again

Relaxing with daddy....

Hmm...where shall we go next?

We don't care...as long as we go outside!

Daddy ordered room service for us....yummy steamed veggies and chicken wings

We usually eat steak, this was our first time eating chicken...we loved it!

Even though it's dark, I see lots of people outside

We love New York, it so doggie-friendly! Can't wait to visit again.

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