Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I turned 2 today!

Hi everyone!
I'm still healing from my surgery....but l went out anyway to celebrate my 2nd birthday with dinner at Taberna del Alabardero.

Daddy forgot to bring the camera so mommy used her cellphone to take the pics..they look good if you ask me!

On our way to the restaurant after being groomed and pampered all day...we got a short puppy cut for the summer! Ella's relaxing in the car seat, while I look out the window!

This is the dish Ella and I ordered...sauteed garlic chicken...looks as good as it tastes!

Daddy cuts our chicken into small puppy bites for us...

It was hard to focus on eating when so many birdies wanted to play with me....

Ella took advantage and stuffed herself....

Everyone was so friendly....our waiter wished me a happy birthday! The manager came by to say hello too!

Ella is all smiles after stuffing her face with my birthday chicken....no worries, I ate some too, but daddy had to feed me while I was busy playing with the birdies...

Saying hello to the people walking by....what a fun birthday! I'd definitely go back to this restaurant again....the food was awesome and the people are so kind!

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