Monday, October 29, 2007

New bed and more....

Ella turned 2, so we spent the weekend at our favorite bed and breakfast in Chincoteague again. We LOVE that place! We have video that we'll uploaded later!

Now on to other things...daddy bought us a new bed, which we all lovingly call the raft. We tested all the sizes at the puppy store, but Ella fell in love with this's huge....really for a big doggie...but we love it!!

What's that?....I want to look

I see Ella in here!

We love our raw food diet..the meat's delicious and so are the veggies! I'm snacking on fresh tomatoes....

We love mixed's so hard to keep the greens on the plate!


Looking out the of my favorite pastimes!

Ella's a funny girl...she doesn't care to look outside...but she keeps me company anyway!

Can you see me?...

Sometimes I like to nap on the couch, but rest my head on the side should try's quite comfortable!

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